Eric as DJ

As dance is inseparable from music, I started to DJing and have been DJ in most European blues workshops for several years, either just for a set or as a DJ Master.

Having an eclectic music, I can play all kind of blues (to name only the mains) :

- Delta Blues

- Chicago Blues

- Classic blues

- Female Blues

- New-Orleans Blues

- Jazz blues

- Modern Blues

- Soul

- Alternative blues

- Fusion blues

But above all, my favorite part is to keep you on the floor until dawn.

My DJ experience

I've been DJ throughout Europe. You can see on the map below all the places I was DJ.

There is 3 different possibility :

- DJ : just playing 1 or 2 set during the event.

- Main DJ : DJ playing mainly.

- Master Dj : DJ managing the other DJ (often main DJ at the same time).

In addition to all this workshops, I DJing regularly at Studio Hop for the "Apéros blues" (once a month for several years).

And sometimes for other events : Ti'Blues (outdoor dances several times in the year), Cosy Blues (in a pub once a month), and Sucred Blues (in a pub once a month).

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